Want to join our GMIT team?

Are you interested in IT?

Have experience and knowledge in Web development, building custom gaming computers, marketing, and or graphic design?

There’s a possibility we’ll be hiring, and we’d love to have you onboard! How would you like the opportunity to work in a challenging and professional yet friendly and warm environment that allows for personal growth and improvement?

Here at GMIT we do pretty much anything related to IT, we’re experienced in graphic design, SEO services, marketing and best of all… we sell awesome custom-built gaming computers! Blood sweat and tears are poured into every single one! But don’t think for one second that the dedication we have for gaming computers is limited only to gaming computers.

Our skills in web development and graphic design go hand in hand with our knowledge and experience in high-performance hardware, for example, tailoring a custom build to a business or person who plans on using it for streaming or rendering whilst also designing their website, we’re very open to ideas and encourage critical thinking amongst the people we work with, and we commonly combine elements of graphic design, web development and technical knowledge into one big project.

We’ll be looking for someone knowledgeable in any of these key aspects: The building of custom gaming computers, web design, graphic design, marketing, and most things technical! If you like speaking to people, then all the better!


Please fill the form below and attach your CV and if we will think that you are the right person to join our team we will contact you.

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