Intel NUC 10 appears with 10th Gen Comet Lake-U CPUs


The Intel NUC 10 has started appearing at online retailers, and seemingly this is the “Frost Canyon” NUC that has been rumored as the next NUC release.

Intel’s newest NUC is seemingly the rumored “Frost Canyon” and might look the same as it’s the predecessor

Not all the details pertaining to the newest NUC is available at this time, but it does look like this NUC will be in a similar (or the same) 4 x 4 enclosure. From a tip per the leaker @momomo_US, the upcoming Frost Canyon NUCs will be powered by Intel Comet Lake-U CPUs.


Intel’s Frost Canyon NUC Configurations:

There are seemingly three different versions of this NUC, each being centered around a different processor.

  1. i7-10710U
    1. This processor is a very high-end laptop processor that has a total of 6 cores (2 logical threads per physical core).
    2. This processor has a clock speed of 1.1 GHz, not very fast but the TDP under a normal operation if 15 watts. The boost clock of the processor is an amazing 4.7 GHz which makes sense when looking at the max TDP 25 watts.
    3. The score for the CPU benchmark is 12985 pts
  2. i5-10210U
    1. This processor is the more mid-range processor which has a total of 4 cores (2 logical threads per physical core).
    2. The clock speed of 1.6 GHz is the base clock of this processor which is quite a bit faster than the i7 variant but has a slower max clock speed of 4.2 GHz.
    3. The score for this processor is 8814 pts.
  3. i3-10110U
    1. i3 has a base clock speed of 2.10 GHz, which is significantly faster i5. The boost clock of the i3 is a 4.1 GHz which is only 0.1 GHz slower than the i5’s boost clock.
    2. The i3 only has 2 cores (2 logical threads per physical core) which make this processor noticeably the lower-end model.
    3. The score from CPUBenchmark is 5930 pts.

The Intel NUC 10 is most definitely not aimed at the gaming community, seeing as there is no discrete graphics card of any type, and as such the integrated graphics unit runs all the connected displays. This means that (since the CPU is a comet-lake generation) means that the integrated graphics is Intel’s UHD graphics 620 solutions. The NUCs are currently available for pre-order on BLT’s website, with no information on when the items will actually be available.

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